R1441-263 Poem: God’s Burdens

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::R1441 : page 263::


I long had borne a heavy load
Along life’s rough and thorny road,
And often-times had wondered why
My friend walked burdenless, while I
Was forced to carry, day by day,
The cross which on my shoulders lay:
When, lo, one day the Master laid
Another cross on me. Dismayed,
And faint, and trembling, and distressed,
I cried, “Oh! I have longed for rest
These many days. I cannot bear
This other heavy load of care.
I pray thee, Lord, behold this one—
Shall I bear both while he has none?”
No answer came. The cross was laid
On my poor back, and I was weighed
Down to the earth. And as I went
Toiling along and almost spent,
Again I cried, “Lord have I been
Untrue to thee? Is it for sin
That I have done, that I must still
Carry this cross against my will?”
“My child,” the Master’s voice returned,
“Hast thou not yet the lesson learned?
The burden thou hast borne so long
Hath only made thee grow more strong,
And fitted thee to bear for me
This other load I lay on thee.
Thy brother is too weak as yet
To have a cross upon him set.
God’s burdens rest upon the strong.
They stronger grow who bear them long,
And each new burden is a sign
That greater power to bear is thine.”
So now no longer I repine,
Because a heavy cross is mine,
But struggle onward with the prayer,
“Make me more worthy, Lord, to bear.”
—Mrs. B. M. Bailey.


— September 1, 1892 —